Cat Trax offers the ultimate creative and production environment for all your audio recording needs. The facility, designed and built by Josh Herzog, offers a 20' x 12' Mixing Room, a 9' x 7' Vocal Room, and a 16' x 12' Tracking Room. Your project will be recorded edited and mixed in the industry standard, Pro Tools. The center piece of the studio is our new Tascam DM 4800 digital mixer. Five separate headphone mixes are available for tracking.

A compliment of national, regional and local courier services are utilized for last minute changes and overnight deliveries. We are also able to upload your project via FTP for you to conveniently download.

Josh Herzog
Cat Trax Recording
592 Altamont Rd
Altamont, NY 12009

518.346.4684 or 518.861.1091

Cat Trax Recording has been supplying the local / regional advertising market with high quality audio and audio for video recording services for the past fourteen years. Our facility has produced spots for agencies, businesses, publishers, corporations,producers & composers throughout the Northeast.

Combining our staff of competent engineers, state of the art facility & years of practical experience in the audio production field, we can help complete your projects on time and on budget…all with the service and attention to detail you deserve.

As a provider of high quality audio services, we strive to maintain the following goals:

Consistent Product – The highest quality digital production methods and tools available today, combined with comprehensive training and experience, resulting in a final product that meets today’s stringent guidelines.

One Stop – Cat Trax Recording can offer everything you need to take a product from conception to completion in one location. Whether it’s stock music libraries, sound effects libraries, custom music/jingle scoring, remote recording, foley work, ADR or duplication, we offer complete services that cover all production needs.

Follow Up – Regular progress reports on the status of the project keep you informed without having to make calls to different vendors. We make ourselves available to answer any and all questions or concerns you may have on the progress of a project.

Let us show you how Cat Trax Recording could benefit your department and help minimize your efforts in the organization of your campaigns and productions.